Mission to Seafarers


Address: 717 Flinders Street, Melbourne
Status: Concept

Project Details: Redevelopment

Having operated on this site from the early 20th Century, Mission to Seafarers sought a redevelopment of Shed 5, and creation of Seafarers Rest Park to adjoin the Seafarers pedestrian bridge over the Yarra River. Collaborating with the consultant team, facilities were then developed to demonstrate the new “mission” required in the 21st Century. The Seafarers Club is to be relocated to the first floor, above a space remodelled to allow income-generating activities from the expansive ground floor spaces for functions, performances, art gallery, weddings, corporate retreats and the like. The heritage importance of the fabric and presentation of the building is to be realised and reinforced. Retaining the principal entrance on Wurundjeri Way as the entry to the Seafarers Club, the building will also open up to the south to engage with the new Seafarers Rest Park, the river and the redevelopment of Shed 5.